Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mojo Monday on Thursday!

You know constantly telling yourself you are going to get back into stamping when life settles down is like telling yourself you’ll have a baby when you can afford it! If I followed any one of those mantras, I would have never had children and never gotten back into stamping! Dang-it, you just gotta do it!! Well, I’m slowly but surely jumping back into my “passion" with the help of a couple of SIC Sistas (thank you Dana and Holly!)

What better way to jump back in than participating in a contest – so I thought I’d give Julee’s Mojo Monday contest a whirl – check out the details here: Mojo72Sketch

So here is my go at it:

Heartfelt Fine Print

Then I thought I would just whip up five more and use them for this month’s swap: IMG_0364

If you want to know what all that fun is about – visit:

Make it a great day everybody!

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Sue said...

Great card luv the colours you have chosen, sue.x